console.log(’Hello, world!’, ‘-introduction’);


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console.log(’Hello, world!’, ‘-introduction’);

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(I know the title is cliché. I tried coming up with a better one.)

Hi, I'm Ying, a self-taught front-end developer. Welcome to my first blog post!

A brief introduction

I am a front-end developer who primarily works with React. I also like making cool things with CSS (like this one: a binary code background that resizes in proportion to the window width.)

My favorite programming language is Python, and I am looking for opportunities to use it in the future! Because of that, my next step is to learn about the backend and machine learning.

I am also working to break into the industry as a front-end developer to put my skills to use and improve them.

Why did I start blogging?

I always wanted to start my blog, but I couldn't pick a theme or topic.

One day I stumbled upon a short video on YouTube titled "This is the best first project for programmers 👩‍💻." To my surprise, it suggested writing a blog. According to the video, it helps document the learning journey and experience. It's also a great way to keep the learners accountable.

Following the "JUST DO IT" motto, I looked up how to start a blog. I had the option of self-hosting or using a platform. I would love to host my server one day, but that was out of the scope for now. A blogging platform is more suitable at the moment.

What Will I Write About?

I plan on writing about:

  • how to learn to code
  • how I debug my code
  • my projects
  • resources I find useful
  • some motivational posts

I already have a couple of blog posts planned. Stay tuned!

Some resources I came across about starting a blog

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